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Artifacts as a Catalyst


Some might call it "analysis," but we prefer "close looking." We’ve worked hard to develop a powerful library of artifacts for this program. In each artifact-based lesson, students practice close looking. As a group, or individually in their journals, students study an artifact and respond to questions: What do I see? What questions do I have? What did I learn?

Historical artifacts represent a powerful resource for close looking. This program uses artifacts as a catalyst for increasing students’ self-awareness when encountering bias and discrimination. Students not only increase their literacy skills but also learn to stop stereotyping. This program illustrates by example the idea that one can much better understand the present by closely examining elements of the past.

We believe developing the skill of close looking is a powerful tool in creating our program’s allies—informed individuals who can make a difference in our world.

Please examine our questioning first-hand by reviewing the artifact at left.

After the tour, visit the Gallery section of the website to see our full line of museum and exhibition artifacts.