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Ways of Engagement


“Record your thoughts in your journal!” This prompt is heard often during program lessons as students are encouraged to record observations, questions, and feelings in their journals. Picture making and poetry writing are two other methods of engagement that the students use to express ideas. By the end of the program, students have compiled a comprehensive set of thoughts, reflections, questions, and comments that they can review.

The well-used journal is central to the success of the final project, a personal artifact in the form of a book. Students select a role as a journalist, history detective, filmmaker, etc., through which they can write and reflect upon their experience in the program.

In addition to selecting a persona for their voice, students select a theme for their message. Examples include “Seeking Justice,” “This I Believe,” and “A New Tomorrow for ___.” This project is an opportunity for students to examine their power to make a difference in our world! It should reflect and encapsulate the program experience and also help students look forward to a life of informed close looking and greater understanding!

After the tour, please visit the Gallery of Student Work to see final projects in further detail.